Kia Morris

Kia Morris

Kia Morris has been a licensed stylist for eight years but found her passion for hair over 18 years ago. At the age of fourteen she discovered her natural talent for doing hair and hair extensions. She became fascinated by the creative state she could enter while doing extensions and could visualize different ways to place the hair while sewing it into create many different looks and styles. She knew then that her amazing talent and passion for all things in the beauty industry began. Kia believes that your hair is not just an accessory that its the key to feeling beautiful and defines her work as exquisite and sophisticated.

Kia's artistic ability and technical approach draws out each client’s unique beauty. Her philosophy when it comes to hair is that hair should move, speak and compliment ones own individual style and believes that you don't have to sacrifice integrity in order to look flawless. Kia draws her inspiration from her clients, women representing all walks of life, whether she is a professional, an artist or just a stay at home mom.  

Kia's has achieved huge success in her career and has acquired a large celebrity clientele.

She has worked with Paris Hilton, Dawn Richards, Keri Hilson, Wanda Sykes, Arianna Bylon, Lonnie Love, Christine Devine, Pat Harvey, Lourianne Gibson, Keleena Zendaya, Raven Symone and Paula Abdul. She has worked on the set of the American Music Awards 2010, Fabulous, How do I Look, Nip Tuck, Sideline Confessions and So You Think You Can Dance. He has been published in Source Magazine, Models Magazine, Heat Magazine and Ebony Magazine.

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